The next generation learning management systems must provide a platform for simulation training to take place. The dialogEDU LMS incorporates a unique simulation engine that offers this type of training to be implemented. Multi-media rich, case-based simulations are easy to build. They are created to complement course content alongside or as an assessment at the completion of a course that serves to enhance learning and test critical thinking. This native simulation tool in dialogEDU’s platform takes learning to a whole new level. According to Fatimah Lateef, “Simulation has also begun to change much of the ways in which medicine is taught and how trainees and junior doctors acquire the relevant skills. Medical, nursing, and other health care staff also have the opportunity to develop and refine their skills, repeatedly if necessary, using simulation technology without putting patients at risk.”  This illustrates the role and importance simulation based learning has in the healthcare industry.

Read more at: Journal of Emergencies, Trauma, and Shock

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