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dialogEDU Learning Management System Products

It’s time to move beyond traditional learning management products – dialogEDU’s learning management system reinvents the way students experience training and education, with a more engaging, more collaborative and more effective learner experience.

Among others, dialogEDU offers the following products as part of its learning management solution:


dialogEDU offers a dynamic, cloud-based learning management platform that serves as an online classroom where instructors can teach and train students utilizing a variety of effective methods. The platform itself is multi-lingual, is extremely intuitive, and has a user-friendly appearance that enables users to easily navigate the system on their computer, tablet or phone. dialogEDU has a variety of special features and has the ability to integrate with existing student information systems as well as education information management systems.

External Targeting

Through dialogEDU, you can deliver targeted and structured training and education, at the point of need, to the particular audience that you have selected. Specific data events and triggers in external systems can have a cascading effect on the targeting aspect of our platform and affect the learning paths of users as per the organizations’ strategic learning goals for their population. In addition, dialogEDU provides collaborate tools and a user-friendly learner ecosystem tailored for student engagement and allows for peer-to-peer knowledge transfer.


Measuring achievement is important to our clients and students. dialogEDU, uses your business rules to award certificates and badges based off achievement standards and accomplishments. Clients have the ability to custom design certificates and print them at the user’s convenience via widgets and other accessible apps. Furthermore, through various integrations and industry/corporate partnerships, we have the unique ability to automatically forward certificates and achievements to the appropriate governing bodies for continuing education credit.


dialogEDU’s business intelligence integration allows users to create reports and process analytics in real time. dialogEDU offers different tiers of reporting solutions, based on our client’s needs.

dialogEDU Learning Management System Services

dialogEDU offers a robust suite of services that transforms the student experience,
translating into greater learning and significant improvement of student outcomes.

Advisory Services

dialogEDU provides advisory services that help you and your company launch a cohesive learning strategy by establishing learning objectives to the course design and delivery plan. Our goal is to assist you in identifying your outcomes, and build specific objectives and strategies to help your learners reach, and exceed your, and their, desired results.


We know that just as every student has a distinct way of learning, every client has unique needs as well. dialogEDU can provide customization services which allow for a tailored approach to meet your specific needs. Whether it is integration with your SSO, SIS, a unique interface change, or adding different features, we can modify dialogEDU to satisfy your exact needs.


DialogEDU offers a robust support system to help meet your and your students’ needs. We offer a knowledge bank of common questions and answers to help you meet your 24×7, on demand, need for answers. In addition, we offer a robust service system that allows you to quickly submit any questions you may have, and receive timely support solutions.


Our training services and support can help your organization leverage the full potential of the features and benefits of dialogEDU through our structured training program. Our team will maximize your time by identifying your greatest areas of need prior to the training, and will follow-up to ensure you are able to utilize the system and fulfill its greatest potential.


dialogEDU provides courseware used for delivering education and industry certification programs. dialogEDU will help you design and develop engaging and contemporary looking courses. Once we understand your vision and point of view, you will benefit from the insight of industry experts, who have decades of Instructional Design experience. Learn from us and apply our best practice concepts to your courses. We can also help redesign flat, legacy courses into more compelling and modern solutions.

CPE Monitor

dialogEDU offers API based integration with the CPE Monitor, an electronic system for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to track their completed continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits.

  • Auto submit with error tracking for reconciliation.
  • Providers – no need to provide electronic or printed statements of credit to your pharmacist and pharmacy technician participants. Instead, information is electronically transmitted to the NABP.
  • No need for an Annual Activity Update (AAU) reporting by the provider each year.

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