As higher education institutions aim to provide a more dynamic learning experience for students, administrators are simultaneously looking to provide a transformational alternative to the traditional approach to learning. Providing education fully online, or in hybrid formats, permits institutions to reach more students, creating the convenience of learning anytime and anywhere. The question those in academia are asking is, “Does it truly provide a better experience, and can it produce better outcomes?

The answer is “Yes!” when students use dialogEDU as their learning management system. The traditional classroom approach is no longer preferred; instead, learners expect a more student-centric learning environment. Educators need to challenge traditional methods and continue to strive towards providing creative and innovative approaches to learning.

dialogEDU is a transformative learning management system that provides an extraordinary student experience and is designed to help educational institutions significantly improve learning outcomes. As a student-centric system, dialogEDU optimizes the learner’s pathway throughout the teaching and learning process. dialogEDU is transforming higher education learning by focusing on the following areas:

6) Adaptability
Learners can share, discuss, read and learn whenever they are, with any type of device. Networking with classmates and faculty through dialogEDU’s communication ecosystem is easy and fun.

7) Strong User Tracking
Enterprise reporting aggregates and evaluates data from the learner level all the way to the administrative level. dialogEDU’s reporting dashboard tracks and clearly displays learner performance, instructor participation and overall engagement.

8) Gamification
Awarding certificates and badges for different accomplishments on the platform can help drive participation and activity.

9) Department of Education Compliance
Upload an institution’s pre-approved DOE content into dialogEDU and the approved content is now presented in a new and exciting fashion to learners. This gives an institution an edge by presenting content from a new vantage point.

10) Easy API Integration with External Apps and Systems
Allow students and faculty to integrate with all their favorite apps, easily accessible from within the platform! In addition, make integration hassle free with easy API integrations with CRMs, SISs and other systems.

About the Author:
Wendy Morales is EVP, Global Development at dialogEDU and has been part of the company since 2011. Mrs. Morales is an experienced leader in the private-sector online education and educational technology industries with over 13 years of experience. A graduate of The Wharton School and Liberty University, Mrs. Morales’ passion is consulting with institutions to enhance their education and training while helping students to achieve their goals.

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