dialogEDU introduces an improved listing view for Course Enrollments. The new tabs that use pre-determined filters will serve up the information that is the most relevant to the user

The Enrollment tabs currently represent:


  • Active Enrollments – enrollments whose Enrollment Status is Active and Blocked
  • Started – User Enrollments that have a progress % > 0 or have a Start Date that is not NULL
  • Deleted Enrollments – enrollments whose Enrollment Status is Deleted
  • All Enrollments – All User Enrollments regardless of their Enrollment Status and finally a dynamic Search results tab that contains search results and only shows when the back-end user runs a search
  • Teachers – Users that have an Enrollment Type of Teacher
Course Start and End Date

Also, introduced to the course enrollment view is the ability to see the start and end date for an enrollment. The start date data point indicates when the learner begins progress in the course and the end date indicates that the learner has finished the course to full completion.

Data for the Course Start and Course End date does not apply retro-actively. Only new enrollments that are created after this release will accurately populate and track this data.

NOTE: For SCORM lessons, once the learner begins the SCORM lesson, this will indicate that they have started the course.

Search Results – Dynamic Tab

Clicking away onto another tab from the Search results automatically closes out the Search results tab. The search function dynamically spawns a new Search Results tab that allows for complete focus on information that the User is looking for.

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