Healthcare/medical simulation improves patient outcomes, facilitates increased task proficiency and patient safety, reduces medical errors, and enhances professional communication and team management skills – all of which reduces overall healthcare costs.

As a direct result, an increased number of medical schools, training centers, and military organizations are adopting simulation technologies. The global healthcare/medical simulation market is expected to reach $2,069.2 million by 2019 from $863.5 million in 2014 and, at a CAGR of 19.1% from 2014 to 2019.

Realizing the overpowering value of simulations in training, healthcare clients worldwide use dialogEDU’s simulation engine to power their healthcare training. A native feature, dialogEDU’s simulations are multi-media rich, case-based and easy to build. They are created to complement course content or as an assessment at the completion of a course, serving to enhance learning and test critical thinking. dialogEDU’s easy-to-use simulation tool takes learning to a whole new level.

A Vice President at a leading Health Institute agreed by stating “The experience in the dialogEDU learning management system provided us with a unique learning opportunity. Standardized content delivery coupled with interactive simulations created an engaging environment, which fostered interaction between participants. The multimedia online learning platform dialogEDU provided healthcare professionals flexibility to complete the training when time allowed. Healthcare professionals described the online training through dialogEDU as being dynamic, comprehensive, efficient, and accessible.”

dialogEDU is a uniquely valuable platform that has been specifically designed to provide an unprecedented state-of-the-art online learning ecosystem for academic institutions, healthcare systems, and global training organizations. Find out more today about how dialogEDU’s simulation engine can power your training.

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