We’ve turned online learning on its ear.

dialogEDU is emerging as a force for learning and our success is in part due to our ability to target groups of learners, segmenting them to drive understanding through dialog. We blend all the formalities of personalized education, and layer them in with important learning that results when students and professors gather virtually to share discourse, reason and think.
Higher Education

We reinforce content with meaningful dialog.

An engaging online delivery technology designed to educate learners with its own unique DNA. Other LMS products don’t have the native features dialogEDU has; when your locker, targeting, and simulation tools are all part of your platform, your DNA is different so you are unique. dialogEDU builds targeted communities that engage students via social learning, to expand the online classroom experience, and optimize true learning. Few things are more impactful than participating in a community discussion with professionals who are sharing, discussing, and reacting to newly learned information.
Global Training

Designed to create a forum for quorum engagement.

We’ve created a technology solution to support the highest quality of learning, and student management tools to align with the way education best services learners. Whether your mission is to educate people in the healthcare market to teach at institutions of higher education, or for global training initiatives, dialogEDU will provide your learners with a training experience that supports their success.

A next generation Learning Management System

The dialogEDU LMS platform specializes in healthcare training, higher education, and global training.

dialogEDU is a unique technology that provides digital learning and personalized education in an online classroom. Features that include simulation tools, targeting, virtual student locker and segmentation all facilitate online learning and provide the tools necessary to measure learning outcomes.

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healthcare lms


Powerful, simulation engine built natively in the platform offers opportunity for real-life scenario simulations to enhance healthcare training and medical learning.

higher education lms

Higher Education

Reading, gaming, communicating and engaging with fellow learners creates meaningful dialog to drive a deeper and more enduring understanding of content.

global training lms

Global Training

Deliver content efficiently to learners worldwide with built-in analysis tools that help measure learning outcomes.

The gateway to delivery and retention of critical information
is open like never before.

dialogEDU is a powerful learning management system platform that offers courses, specialized training, and pathways for communication through a dynamic digital environment, helping your students learn – when and where their personal schedules permit.

targeting lms

Targeting and Segmentation

Targeting drives each student to the right content, courses or digital events to segment them for relevant forum discussions that will support their advanced education. Targeting and segmentation creates a like-focused community of learners, enhancing the overall learning experience.

virtual student locker

Virtual Student Locker

Every student gets a locker, but it’s a far cry from the one they had in high school. This locker does not need a key. It is always open and aggregates the learners experiences and achievements throughout their educational journey. Students can store every learning experience in a state that helps them stay organized, engaged and motivated as they share their achievements with others through social media. This keeps their personal accomplishments front and center.

simulation engine

Simulation Engine

Multi-media rich, case-based simulations are easy to build. They are created to complement course content alongside or as an assessment at the completion of a course that serves to enhance learning and test critical thinking. This native simulation tool in dialogEDU’s platform takes learning to a whole new level. These competency evaluations align with assessments required in higher education and for advanced training.

The features and benefits of dialogEDU

cloud based lms


dialogEDU is a cloud-based application, so you can eliminate the headaches of managing clunky infrastructure. The dialogEDU team is dedicated to monitoring activity to ensure your learning environment is constantly online regardless of how quickly you scale. As a dialogEDU customer, you will benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

intuitive learning management system


Seamless interactions anticipate instructor and learner needs. Without any user training, dialogEDU offers an online learning tool that is easy to navigate for everyone taking classes, building courses, enhancing content with multi-media and administering the technology ease for everyone in this online digital learning world.

secure lms


Sophisticated and carefully designed and encrypted data protects your information and keeps it safe and secure.

learning management system

Personalized for and by each learner

Courses and content distribution are based on each student’s learning needs. Content offering can be based on pre-determined scheduling of classes, level of accomplishments, degrees of participation, frequency of interactions or any other activity that defines a learner. These academic outcomes are indicators to teachers, administrators or 3rd party agencies requiring reports of educational milestones or content completion. Each learner can personalize his or her locker, including the achievements earned to further define and share educational accomplishments.

flexible learning management system


dialogEDU accommodates small to large and local to global initiatives, giving you complete flexibility to expand your efforts and your teaching to unlimited numbers of learners across the globe.

dialogedu lms


The Next Generation Learning Management Platform.

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