On November 21st, 2019, the Education Information Technology Solution Center (EITSC), a division of the Ministry of Training and Education in Vietnam, signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with dialogEDU LMS and My Bridge Education. The goal of the agreement was to expand the reach of online education to all K12, Higher Education, adult education and vocational training programs across Vietnam.

dialogEDU has been selected as the LMS partner to help EITSC and the Ministry of Education expand online education. dialogEDU is working closely with My Bridge Education and the EITSC to provide the best-in-class technology solution to educational institutions throughout Vietnam.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) has declared education to be a national priority. Since 2008, the MoET has dedicated over 20% of the country’s national budget to promote high-quality and accessible education for all of it’s 95 million citizens. In addition, Vietnam’s vision of transformative digital education is setting the standard for schools nationwide, encouraging leadership to explore online technologies that enhance the learner experience and help students aspire to higher standards of academic excellence.

dialogEDU’s proprietary, fully integrated LMS is a uniquely valuable, easy-to-use solution for educational Institutions globally. The native cloud-based architecture allows easy access from anywhere in the world. The open API architecture allows for seamless “plug and play” integration into most applications and software technologies. dialogEDU’s senior leadership team brings over 75 years of collective industry expertise in technology, higher education, and online training. Over 150 institutions spread out throughout 160 different countries use the dialogEDU technology for training and education.

About dialogEDU:
dialogEDU, established in 2010, works with Higher Education institutions globally to offer a state-of-the-art Learning Management and Educational ecosystem. Secure, and scalable, the multilingual SaaS platform is available on any device, 24/7 globally. The platform’s intuitive, sleek interface and design allows easy navigation for students and faculty. Its expansive digital repository houses approved curriculum and content from 3rd party publishers. Virtual meeting and conferencing capabilities allow for easy plug-in integrations with synchronous live-stream technologies. The platform’s features allow for personalization of content, facilitating engagement and collaboration, and allowing for the creation of targeted information. dialogEDU’s forums build social communities and the digital student locker providers learners gamified, digital portfolios to recognize each individualized achievement.