dialogEDU an emerging force in higher education

We believe lessons learned are better understood when they are reinforced and refreshed by digital dialog, bringing ideas and information to the forefront of the learner’s mind.

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Why dialogEDU is right for higher education

Whether you seek to enhance the on-ground classroom or teach 100% online, you need a nimble platform with an open API, and a digital chest of educational assets to deliver consistent learning results. Traditional learning management systems are clunky and out of date, unappealing and overwhelming to implement and manage. dialogEDU delivers a training solution that seamlessly integrates with the wide range of offerings of today’s technologies.

dialogEDU is a liberating choice for institutions of Higher Education

The old training methods that worked in the past are being replaced with new technologies. More and more schools are changing their LMS and other older technologies to stay current and serve their students and faculty better with more engaging and dynamic personalized options.

Virtual Student Locker

Every student gets a locker, but it’s a far cry from the one in high school. This locker does not need a key. It is always open to new additions to keep aggregating all the learning experiences enjoyed by the learner through the educational journey. Students store every learning experience. It’s a site to stay organized, engaged, and motivated. Achievements are kept with the learning experiences and can be shared with others through social connections keeping professional accomplishments front and center.


You can easily and quickly access all the information and reports you need, including enrollment, participation, course completion, communication, and performance assessments. Every student is assessed through a variety of learning activities at various time intervals, to ensure that the right learning is taking place in its expected sequence.

Intuitive interface

dialogEDU is easy to use for both learners, instructors, and administrators. Your users will quickly get the feel for using the technology. Learners will “get it” and administrators will be able to create courses in no time at all. Administrators manage the online learners, instructors and integrated reporting tools with great ease. The open API creates seamless integrations to core technologies like Student Information Systems (SIS) and other core digital assets valuable in the management of the higher education student.

Customization and integration across the platform

dialogEDU provides an open API and fields for custom CSS, headers and footers. Your brand will shine with your educational materials and learning objects.

Other special unique features of dialogEDU matter, too.

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A higher form of online learning for academic institutions

Global Targeting

Powerful targeting tools enable you to segment individuals and support dialog among and between the right groups of learners. This feature helps create communities of learning groups. Dialog is the very essence of adult social learning for a customized learning experience.

Virtual Student Locker

Every student gets a locker, but it’s a far cry from the one they had in high school. This locker does not need a key. It is always open and aggregates the learners experiences and achievements throughout their educational journey. Students can store every learning experience in a state that helps them stay organized, engaged and motivated as they share their achievements with others through social media. This keeps their personal accomplishments front and center.

Simulation Engine

Multi-media rich, case-based simulations are easy to build. They are created to complement course content alongside or as an assessment at the completion of a course that serves to enhance learning and test critical thinking. This native simulation tool in dialogEDU’s platform takes learning to a whole new level. These competency evaluations align with assessments required in higher education and for advanced training.

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