Healthcare Education Initiatives as Unique as Your Students’ Learning Objectives

dialogEDU is a learning universe with solutions tailored for hospitals, medical businesses and healthcare associations training workers and professionals in a way that makes a big difference in the way they learn and the way they do their jobs.

Let us help you improve the critical training of your employees, and members of your associations. We can also help you advance the way you educate patients.

You asked for online, digital flexibility to enhance or replace classroom training

dialogEDU built a robust open architecture EDU platform, providing the opportunity to enhance simple and basic content as well as sophisticated, complex simulated learning.

Designed for the healthcare worker
Designed for the Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals want a place to review achievements, receive assignments, as well as connect to colleagues and online communities

dialogEDU created an ePortfolio feature, it’s “Virtual Locker” that keeps students’ learning accomplishments organized and up-to-date.

Best practices include varying the learning mix between engaging online and offline learning

dialogEDU provides a team of eLearning experts to help guide your new training programs, enhance delivery of content and design templates for curricula delivery to predictively accomplish deep learning to extend knowledge retention.

Designed for the healthcare worker
solve complex educational challenges

You want to solve complex educational challenges by delivering learning that goes far beyond the experience your students expect

dialogEDU is shaking up the norms. We teach through a mix of provocative, interactive, multi-media offerings and meaningful social exchanges.

You need to deliver specific information to a group of people within your organization

dialogEDU’s proprietary targeting delivers training to groups of like learners either by professional type, clinical department, functional group or required administrative responsibilities. There is no limit to the permutations of target groups.

Designed for the healthcare worker


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dialogEDU – A socially collaborative learning management system (LMS). Create robust learner-centric training and education through an intuitive, interactive learning ecosystem.

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