dialogEDU’s robust learning platform provides communication features to support the rapidly changing health information processes and technological advancements in medical environments.

Until August 10, 2019


One-time Implementation Fee*
(with a 5- year contract)


Annual Licensing Fee*

User Fees**
$7.50 per person/per year includes:
2,000 active users


Delivery of Courses

Engaging Online Technology At Competitive Prices!

dialogEDU, a next generation Learning Management System, [LMS] supports healthcare training for physicians and employees of multiple location medical facilities. Special pricing available for medical facilities and practices.

With multiple locations, training is core to compliance and education of all standard operating procedures related to patient care, workflow, and administrative/financial processes. dialogEDU is the top LMS solution for all training of employees and professionals.

For a one-time implementation fee of $5,000 and an annual licensing fee of $7,500 and a user fee of only $7.50 per person/per year, you can train 2000 people with unlimited courses.

The offer includes:

8 hours of training, 3 site designs and:

  • Site set-up and configuration
  • User administration role and set up
  • Custom branding and CSS development
  • Logo import
  • Custom domain configuration
  • Navigation bar set up
  • Targeting and segmentation
  • Up to 8 hours of on-line training
  • Digital student locker design
  • Access to dialogEDU training library
  • Find out how dialogEDU can transform learning in your medical practice!
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* fees are due at signing and annual licensing fees are due at the beginning of each anniversary year
** paid annually at signing and at the beginning of each anniversary year based on 2,000 active users

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