dialogEDU is bringing technology, training and education expertise into the field of Cannabis! As an industry leading online learning management company, dialogEDU and Green Flower Media are working together to provide solutions for online higher education Cannabis programs to Colleges and Universities entering the global Cannabis education market.


Courses Distributed Through Higher-Education will Support Students in Entering the Exploding Cannabis Job Market

VENTURA, Calif. – Green Flower, the nation’s #1 trusted cannabis educational platform, is announcing a strategic partnership with dialogEDU, an industry leading online learning management system. The two companies will work together to provide designs for online higher education Cannabis programs for Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities entering the global Cannabis education market.

Green Flower will utilize its extensive library of videos and multimedia assets combined with dialogEDU to provide schools with designs for cannabis courses for online and on-ground students that may be used for programs leading to certificates, diplomas and degrees.

“The cannabis industry is expanding at a remarkable pace right now, which is causing a major problem for employers because it’s very difficult to find skilled and knowledgeable workers,” said Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower. “Colleges and Universities have started to recognize this enormous opportunity and are working with us, so we can customize the program design and training expertise for their professors to educate students with this highly demanded content. We will supply Higher Education institutions around the country with the cannabis courseware and content they need to address this crucial and growing market.”

Green Flower is offering academic institutions for higher education comprehensive cannabis business, cultivation, science, medical, law, and specialty programs based on the needs of each school. The deal falls on the heels of Green Flower’s recent announcement of the launch of the Green Flower Cannabis Fundamentals Certification, the first e-learning course for the newly established Green Flower Cannabis Certification Programs of the Green Flower Academy.

“Green Flower is producing high quality cannabis educational content and it’s the perfect time for Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities to offer programs to their students,” said Debbie K. Schwarzberg, Founder of dialogEDU. “We are thrilled to be bringing our technology and our training and education expertise into the field of Cannabis and believe that Green Flower and their outstanding Subject Matter Experts, video assets, and multimedia learning objects are positioning themselves to be the leader of Cannabis education globally with academic institutions offering the Green Flower programs.”

Green Flower selected dialogEDU for its unique ability to deliver an incredible learning environment for the students, plus its single sign-on integration with LMS systems utilized by academic institutions. With dialogEDU, multimedia assets, videos and the dynamic learning objectives developed by Green Flower will offer a world-class experience for students and teachers alike.

About Green Flower:
Established in 2014, Green Flower is the global leader in trusted cannabis education, featuring over 1,500+ hours of high-quality video content presented by 700+ top cannabis industry experts, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders. The company offers industry-endorsed Cannabis Certifications designed to provide top-quality online training for job seekers and cannabis employees looking to bolster their credibility and skill within the cannabis industry. Green Flower is the go-to platform for information, education and training around every aspect of cannabis today.

About dialogEDU:
Established in 2010, dialogEDU is a proprietary, Learning Management and Communication System [LMS] advancing knowledge of global learners in the areas of corporate training, professional certification, medical education, and for academic programs at Colleges and Universities. dialogEDU’s customized professional and consulting services provide a value for customers across the training and academic arenas. The platform and the associated services are revolutionizing how companies and organizations approach learning, education, healthcare training, and development within their enterprises for students, members, employees, customers and patients.”

BusinessWire: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20181009005437/en/Green-Flower-Partners-dialogEDU-Bring-Cannabis-Education

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