e-Training Without dialogEDU is Like Playing a Piano Without Keys.

dialogEDU enhances standardized learning, confirms that the knowledge is obtained, creates efficiencies and supports distribution of information, communication and content, while maintaining low costs and high quality education.

Global organizations strive to strengthen standardized training and education delivery with great content combined with great instructors wanting the best and the brightest to help raise the bar in countries where education has been challenging.

dialogEDU helps leaders share their knowledge in countries where current information and quality training is lacking but greatly needed.

Fueled by cutting-edge responsive technology, dialogEDU immerses students in dynamic content no matter where they are or what device they use. Overcome the challenges posed by less sophisticated environments and limited access to current information and technology, and see what dialogEDU can do for you.

Training as a team event
Training as a team event

Global education experiences have challenges that include, learners alienated by physical distance, language barriers, time zone conflicts, and costs of training.

All of which may seem insurmountable, until you do asynchronous learning in dialogEDU – in fact, despite these challenges, dialogEDU can deliver synchronous learning because the tools were built to handle these challenges and solve global training needs in a smarter way.

Keep start-up costs and frustrations low. dialogEDU requires no upfront training or complicated software. Tools and protocols make site administration easy. Our e-Learning experts can help you create dynamic courses and help you organize digital dialog to drive reliable, repeatable global learning success.

To increase access to quality education globally; online training is a necessity.

Global training enhances individuals’ education and changes lives.

dialogEDU changes everything. You have the flexibility to deliver the right information –from the simple to the complex–with targeting technology that filters specific course materials and forum discussions to appropriate learner groups. No matter how big or small the group, and no matter how spread out learners may be, dialogEDU is the solution.

Training as a team event

dialogEDU is a Next Generation Learning Management System

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dialogEDU – A socially collaborative learning management system (LMS). Create robust learner-centric training and education through an intuitive, interactive learning ecosystem.

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