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Targeting and Segmentation

Targeting drives each student to the right content, courses or digital events to segment them for relevant forum discussions that will support their advanced education. Targeting and segmentation creates a like-focused community of learners, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Virtual Student Locker

Every student gets a locker, but it’s a far cry from the one in high school. This locker does not need a key. It is always open to new additions to keep aggregating all the learning experiences enjoyed by the learner through the educational journey. Students store every learning experience. It’s a site to stay organized, engaged, and motivated. Achievements are kept with the learning experiences and can be shared with others through social media keeping professional accomplishments front and center.

Simulation Engine

Multi-media rich, case-based simulations are easy to build. They are created to complement course content alongside or as an assessment at the completion of a course that serves to enhance learning and test critical thinking. This native simulation tool in dialogEDU’s platform takes learning to a whole new level. These competency evaluations align with assessments required in higher education and for advanced training.

Simple. Intuitive. Modern.


Built to grow with you and your institution. Expand dialogEDU to new departments, or choose dialogEDU to be the LMS platform for your entire enterprise.

Built for engagement

Built for engagement

Simple content is easy to add for digital distribution. Sophisticated content is often enhanced with multimedia tools and real-time interactive simulations, gamification, and other features that deepen exciting engagement.

Simple. Intuitive. Modern. 1


dialogEDU is a cloud based application, so you can eliminate the headaches of managing clunky infrastructure. The dialogEDU team is dedicated to monitoring activity to ensure your learning environment is constantly up and running regardless of how quickly you scale. As a dialogEDU customer, you will benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

Unique Learning Architecture

Intuitive Design

dialogEDU is intuitive for the student and the instructor, as well as the entire administrative staff of the institution. dialogEDU’s distributed learning (whether internal or external) is personalized and engaging for the learner.

Simple. Intuitive. Modern. 1
Simple. Intuitive. Modern. 1
Simple. Intuitive. Modern. 1
Simple. Intuitive. Modern. 1
Measure. Analyze. Outcomes
Simple. Intuitive. Modern.
Simple. Intuitive. Modern. 1
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