Traditionally, learning management systems (LMS) have been associated with institutions of higher education, however an increasing number of non-education-based industries have discovered the unique value of LMS’ to educate and train their employees. The learning management system landscape is rapidly expanding and has prompted a variety of invaluable learner and administrator-based features that have led to an increase in the adoption of eLearning. As a result, the number of industries that can utilize an LMS to train, educate, and instruct their respective learners has amplified, exponentially.

According to Asha Pandey from eLearning Industry, the trending features of next generation LMS’s include mobile learning, microlearning, gamification, social learning, video-based learning, big data reporting and analytics.

dialogEDU is a unique technology which provides digital learning and personalized education in a student-centric, virtual environment. dialogEDU offers the features listed above and many more. These additional features include, but are not limited to the following: simulation tools, targeting, virtual student locker, and segmentation – all which facilitate real online learning and provide the tools necessary to measure learning outcomes.

dialogEDU’s learning platform is both powerful and flexible enough to meet and exceed the requirements of Healthcare, Pharmacy, global training, employee onboarding, and higher education. dialogEDU is a technology solution supporting the highest quality of learning, and management tools to align with the way education and training best services employees and learners alike.

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