Innovative companies are at the forefront of disrupting their industries.  Are you one of them?  According to the latest research, effective disruption leading to innovation largely depends on whether you offer your employees access to eLearning platforms, technologies and curriculums that will allow them to continually evolve technologically and in accordance to emerging trends.  According to, 72% of organizations surveyed said that eLearning was instrumental in enhancing their competitive edge.  A gateway to digital transformation and e-learning over time results in higher profitability, better collaboration, greater agility, and more innovation.

In short, companies cannot afford not to invest in eLearning. According to a MIT Deloitte study, 30% of vice presidents and directors who say their companies are not giving them or their peers opportunities to develop their skills in a digital environment are at risk of leaving their company in one year.  Not to mention that, on average, ineffective training costs companies $13.5M per 1,000 employees.

Research also confirms that e-learning translates into real productivity gains. E learners cover 5 times more material. . . recall 5 times more information . . . in 60 %less time. . .over traditional learners.  IBM research found that for every dollar invested in e-learning, they make $30 back in productivity gains.

No wonder companies are investing in e-learning to the tune of $325 Billion by 2025.  That investment begins with the implementation of a modern, state-of-the art, cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS)—the nexus for providing efficient, consistent, and engaging employee learning.  An LMS will:

  • Save Time and Money: Learning platforms save businesses hours of time by giving the organization a level of automation and programming in line with the needs of their employees. It eliminates the need for travel and onsite corporate trainings and allows thousands of employees to access training simultaneously from all over the world.
  • Speed Up Sales and Commercialization: In addition to centralizing on-boarding, an LMS speeds up the learning process, which is a game changer in sales driven organizations. It enables collaboration across the world, allowing employees to test hypotheses and take products to market faster.
  • Keep You Compliant: An LMS is invaluable in helping organizations stay up-to-date with current compliance regulations. Updating a traditional course to reflect these changes can be a time-consuming chore. In an LMS environment, adding new compliance standards to your online training course can happen within a matter of minutes, keeping your corporate learners at the forefront of the latest compliance rules.
  • Access All Training Content In One Centralized Smart Repository: An LMS with a smart digital repository enables administrators to easily manage all training content provided to their staff. The Repository is centralized, allowing learning objects to be used across all courses without the need to re-create the same learning object for new courses. Content can be easily stored, categorized, and tagged for easy access, and learners worldwide can access the same content.
    Content from multiple sources, as well as company specific content, can be created and maintained in the centralized repository. Administrators have access and can easily manage the training and education materials required for their employees.
  • Provide Advanced Reporting: Learning platforms make creating, personalizing, and downloading daily reports easy. Not to mention, advanced reporting provides a transparent view across the organization outlining the progress of learners in meeting requirements.  This level of advanced business analytics provides the opportunity for continuous, iterative exploration of past performance to drive future business planning.
  • Improve Communication: An LMS facilitates communication and collaboration between employees providing all users an open channel of communication and access to vital information in just one centralized location.  It facilitates the overall management of communication including global or individual messages, forums, and agendas.

Considered a leading authority in eLearning, dialogEDU is a robust learning management system that has been specifically designed to provide an unprecedented state-of-the-art online learning ecosystem for companies worldwide. Not only does dialogEDU offer seamless integration with most ERP and HR systems, making employee information and reporting flow seamlessly between systems, but it’s simple, sleek, and intuitive design delivers a media-rich, engaging experience. With more than 500,000 learners in over 185 countries, dialogEDU is trusted to provide custom solutions to some of the most innovative organizations around the world.

To learn more about how dialogEDU can impact the way you work and learn, please visit today or contact Wendy Morales, Executive Vice President of Global Development at (561) 308-8868 or

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