Across the healthcare industry, budget cuts are more commonly taking place. As a direct result, employee onboarding processes have taken a backseat.

Have you stopped to think about the implication of how the limitation of onboarding and training impacts your staff?

  • The cost of losing an employee can be up to 3x the person’s salary
  • 62% of employers believe they are NOT doing a good job of meeting their employees training needs
  • Out of 4,300 workers surveyed, 74% felt they were not reaching their full potential at work*

The total loss to a business for ineffective training is $13.5M for 1,000 employees.

Below are 5 effective strategies, all supported by the dialogEDU learning management system, which can assist in the employee onboarding process as well as improve upon staff training:

  • dialogEDU supports the creation and launch of health system “marketplaces” wherein employees can access all the necessary training in one centralized location
    1. This alleviates the stress and inconvenience of employees taking time to search for approved classes and the possibility of them selecting a course which may not meet CE requirements
  • Make uploading CE completion simple through the utilization of dialogEDU’s integration with CPE Monitor
    1. Make life easier on your system and your employees by selecting an LMS that offers this functionality
  • dialogEDU provides effective employee onboarding through standardization and streamlined processes
    1. Through targeting and segmentation, instructors have the ability to get the right training material, resources, and courses to the right learners
    2. dialogEDU provides the ability to target learners based upon tenure, title, role, department, or any other collectable field
  • Complete evaluation of CPE activity, including timers, attendance, and end of course surveys
  • Increased staff engagement through broad communication ecosystem, accessible from any device
    1. This includes the ability to support robust reporting, including on-the-spot course completion reports

dialogEDU is a uniquely valuable, next generation learning management platform that has been specifically designed to provide an unprecedented state-of-the-art online learning ecosystem for academic institutions, pharmacy, global training organizations, and hospitals/health systems.  Find out more today about how dialogEDU’s can power your training and learning. Contact

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