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Automated CEU/CME Management

Are you ready to reduce your administrative time and costs while growing your CE offerings, expanding your audience, and increasing your revenue and profitability? dialogEDU LMS offers a robust, automated CEU and CME Management solution which delivers credit transcripts seamlessly and automatically to ACCME JA-PARS, ANCC NARS, and ACPE CPE Monitor. The dialogEDU LMS technology provides comprehensive templates and certificates for CEUs, CMEs, Courses, programs and more.

Experience the ease of CEU/CME Education, Administration and Reporting in dialogEDU.

  • Templates for CEUs, CMEs, Courses, and Certificates
  • Templates for Webinars and management of Manuscript Review
  • Automated Transcripts and Certificates
  • Digital Storage of Evaluations of completed CEUs and CMEs
  • Credit reports and associated evaluations and certificates
  • ACCME JA-PARS, ANCC NARS, and ACPE CPE Monitor Automated Reporting

5 Best Practices for Simplifying and automating your CEU and CME Management

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Leading healthcare enterprises are switching to dialogEDU for complete and automated CEU and CME Management solutions. Find out about how dialogEDU can make switching to dialogEDU’s LMS technology easy to do!

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