dialogEDU is now fully-integrated with CPE Monitorwhich means that Pharmacy Departments will no longer need to manually process pharmacists’ and pharm techs’ CE credits. Discover some of the ways that dialogEDU’s learning management system is benefiting  Pharmacy Departments and Health Systems around the world.

CPE Monitor Benefits

  • API based integration with the CPE Monitor(an electronic system for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to track their completed continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits).
  • Auto submit with error tracking for reconciliation.
  • Providers – no need to provide electronic or printed statements of credit to your pharmacist and pharmacy technician participants. Instead, information is automatically and electronically transmitted to the NABP.
  • No need for an Annual Activity Update (AAU) report by the provider each year.

dialogEDU Advances Pharmacy Training and Continuing Education

  • dialogEDU’s integration with CPE Monitor allows pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to easily track their completed CPE credits.
  • dialogEDU’s convenient, easy-to-use interface and cloud-based functionality allow pharmacists to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • dialogEDU’s system is flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of health system employees as well as the overall needs of the health system, as an institution.

dialogEDU is a uniquely valuable, next generation learning management platform that has been specifically designed to provide an unprecedented state-of-the-art online learning ecosystem for academic institutions, pharmacy, global training organizations, and hospitals/health systems.  Find out more today about how dialogEDU’s can power your training and learning. Contact info@dialogedu.com

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