Licensing and implementing a Learning Management System (“LMS”) is an important, and impactful, decision for any institution. If selected without proper due diligence, the wrong LMS can prove costly.

Here are five fatal errors to avoid when selecting an LMS:

Error #1: Letting centralized/siloed leaders make the decision in isolation
If left to themselves, purchasing agents may choose an LMS based solely off cost/contract terms/conditions, and not peek under the hood to truly investigate the exciting features and functionality of each LMS.  RFP/RFI reviewers may choose an option based solely upon answers to the canned, and often out-dated questions, but not what the organization truly needs.

By not surveying your users prior to picking your LMS, you are alienating your clientele. Include them in the selection process, and have them test drive the platform before your final decision. Run usability tests and document their experience with the system. In addition, ask your users (students, administrators, faculty and staff) what characteristics they would like to see in their next generation learning tool.

Error #2: Picking an LMS based off current reality, not future needs
When selecting an LMS, your institution should look to the future for inspiration and innovation, instead of treating the selection process like a vendor-procurement process.  Great companies lead their clients, they don’t follow them. Find an? LMS that impresses you through ability, vision, and innovation.

Error #3: Only focus on the biggest players in the industry
Remember when Apple was a dying breed and IBM owned the computer market? How times have changed! Mega LMS companies focus more on standardization instead of nimbleness to meet client needs. If you are looking for innovation and consider your LMS purchase as a factor in gaining a competitive edge in the market, consider selecting a boutique LMS provider that can customize themselves and their product to meet your unique needs.

Error #4: Don’t investigate the ‘additional fees’
Some LMS companies design their pricing so that, at first glance, it looks cost effective; however, through added, and sometimes hidden, fees, many LMS’ are wildly cost-prohibitive. Hidden fees, consulting expenses, and labor charges/professional services for system customization may immediately, and continually increase price exposure, exponentially.

Error #5: Putting aside the need for cloud-based technologies
Cloud based technologies cut out the high cost of hardware and provide disaster recovery in the case of an emergency.  Losing access to computers or other pieces of hardware is no longer an insurmountable obstacle to continuing business as usual during or after a catastrophic event. Cloud based technologies save time, avoid large up-front investment and maintain data integrity and security through various unforeseen circumstances. Cloud-based LMS systems should be a foundational requirement for your LMS.

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