When selecting an LMS, you must ensure that you have identified all the features you not only want, but need, in a state-of-the-art learning management system. Below are 10 features you should consider when selecting an LMS.

1)            Intuitive Interface

Some of the older LMSs offer a clunker user experience that is not intuitive. Search for a LMS provider that prioritizes the students learning, and not on how to navigate the system. Students want to be able to easily see their course material, due dates and how they are tracking on completing their assignments. Don’t choose an LMS whose functionality causes students to be frustrated – the learning is tough enough!


2)            Targeting and Segmentation

Your audience only wants to hear about what is relevant to his / her particular needs, right? Look for a product that can deliver targeted and structured training and education at the point of need, only to the audience that needs it. In addition, some LMSs’ provide collaborate tools and a user-friendly learner environment that engages students and allows for peer-to-peer knowledge transfer, enhancing and extending the learner’s experience.


3)            Content repository

Select an LMS that hosts a content repository where you can easily access and update content at a touch. By maintaining a warehouse of information and data, you will be able to archive your former content, and see how it has developed over time. This allows instructors worldwide to be able to access your content and use it for their needs.


4)            My Locker

In high school, every student gets a locker, right? What about a virtual student locker for your online experience? A virtual locker is always open to new additions to keep aggregating all the learning experiences experienced by the learner throughout the educational journey. Students can store completed classes, certificates, badges and other learning outcomes; thereby helping them to stay organized, engaged and motivated. Achievements can then be shared with others through social media keeping professional accomplishments front and center.


5)            Mobile-friendly

Learners are on the go and want the flexibility to learn wherever they are! Select a LMS that is mobile – friendly and allows you to do any assignment from anywhere – on the phone, tablet or wireless device!


6)            Messaging 

Every LMS should have a robust communications tool that can message targeted populations with specific messages. This feature allows you to stay in two-way direct communication with each type of student continuously.


7)            LTI plug-in capabilities

Don’t overlook the basic feature of having LTI plug-in capabilities. If your LMS doesn’t provide this, then look for a system that does.  Make sure that any course content and learning technology functionality can be delivered seamlessly!


8)            Certifications

Through your LMS, you should be able to award certificates for successful completion of Continuing Education or for reaching certain benchmarks. Having certificates helps you keep track of your course completions, as well as allows you to showcase your achievements to the public.


9)            Single sign-on

Tired of systems that ask you to log-in multiple times? Select an LMS that has single-sign on capabilities, so that you don’t need to keep signing in repeatedly. Ease of use is key in delivering excellence to students, and single sign-on is crucial to this end.


10)          Badges / achievements

Reward students for their achievements! Offering badges provides gratification that can be shared with peers, friends and co-workers via social media, and can be maintained in a Virtual Locker environment. This type of reward motivates students to keep learning and provides gratification similar to a gamification mindset.

All of these features are currently available with dialogEDU!


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