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Tips and Tricks – Customizing Certificates

Customizing Certificates Let’s Begin! 1. Navigate to the backend of your institution’s site 2. Click Applications and select Courses 3. Click on the blue Courses drop-down menu and select Certificate Templates 4. Click +New Template 5. Use the...

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Tips and Tricks – Course Filter Notifications

Course Filter Notifications New to our 9.3 release is the ability for administrators to set up course specific notifications. Now, instead of creating generic notifications that apply to ALL Courses in the Site, the administrator can select...

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Tips and Tricks – Bulk RSVP from the Backend

Bulk RSVP From The Backend Site administrators now have the ability to complete a bulk RSVP from the backend in dialogEDU. This permission allows for a more controlled RSVP strategy for important Events. Let’s Begin! 1. Navigate to the backend...

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dialogEDU distributes content whether it’s internal or external in a way that’s personalized and engaging for the learner. The learning is driven efficiency and presents targeted content/courses to the associated group or department.

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